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Movie Review: Shrek Forever After (2010)

There’s a lot to be said about the Shrek franchise. The first Shrek (2001) started as an anti-thesis to all Disney princess movies, parodying and, at the same time, paying tribute to all our favourite fairy tales we grew up with. Later, Shrek 2 (2004) expands its landscape and scope to include story plot points that mirrors a newly-wed life. Sadly, Shrek The Third (2007) degenerated into a sort of money-churning tent-pole for Dreamworks Animation, with the studio unable to come up with any other decent movie attractions since Shrek (Shark Tale (2004) and Over The Hedge (2006) anyone?).

However, with the successful arrival of Kung Fu Panda (2008) and How to Train Your Dragon (2010), perhaps the studio personals decided it would be a great time to end this franchise once and for all. And the result of that is Shrek Forever After. Is this as worthy an animated film as Shrek which has once beaten Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. at the Academy Awards? Or is this just another movie that the studio hopes to earn some money with before they end the franchise once and for all?

After three films of facing unwelcomed trouble, Shrek and Fiona has finally settled down and truly lived forever after. Yet, Shrek, having suddenly winded up a domesticated family man, is also starting to long for the days he felt like a “real ogre”. Shrek is then duped into signing a pact with the smooth-talking dealmaker, Rumpelstiltskin. Unfortunately, [if you haven’t seen the trailers, then spoiler alerts up ahead] he finds himself in a twisted alternate version of Far Far Away, where ogres are hunted, Rumpelstiltskin is king and Shrek and Fiona have never met. Now it’s up to Shrek to undo all he’s done in the hopes of saving his friends, restoring his world and reclaiming his one True Love.

In Shrek Forever After, we finally get a sequel that we’ve been waiting for. We get a chance to revisit all we loved about the first movie. And, finally for once, we don’t get elaborate scenes of the filmmakers trying to make lame jokes out of famous fairy tale characters. (Sleeping beauty falling out of the carriage asleep? Really…) In this final movie in the franchise, the filmmakers seem to have a deliberate intention of not mindlessly introducing anymore famous fairy tale characters. The ones that do get introduced at least helped with advancing the story. Thanfully, too, the filmmakers also chose to focus the story plots around our foursome: Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and Puss.

That being said, the film never goes beyond what it has been. Shrek needs to get the new Fiona to fall in love with him all over again, yet we never get to see anything remotely touching other than Shrek proving himself to be an irritating ass. Donkey is just as irritating with his quick-mouthing dialogues and singing. When Rumpelstiltskin hires a bounty hunter to capture Shrek, the one he chose had an unfortunate gift of bringing disco beats to the screen whenever he appears (and that irritates me A LOT).

The voice-acting was tiresome. You can almost feel Cameron Diaz saying ‘oh, I’m sick and tired of being Princess Fiona’. The only exception being Antonia Banderas having a blast with his character being transformed into a Puss-out-of-Boots.

Shrek Forever After could well have been the sequel we’ve all been waiting for. The premise allows us chances to love Shrek all over again. It’s definitely better than Shrek The Third. Yet, the uninspiring directing and voice-acting accounts for the film’s degeneration into simple parody flair. So is it worth watching? Only if you missed the charm of the first movie and would give any chance to revisit the sets and characters in that movie.

RATING: ***1/2 out of 5 stars

image credit: Paramount and DreamWorks Animation via Screenrant



當初在電台上聽到盧廣仲的《Oh Yeah !!!》時,有一種“Oh no”的感覺。歌曲固然好聽,但我擔心因為《早安!晨之美》與《Rock N’ Roll的Style》的受歡迎程度,盧廣仲以後可能就只寫這一類型的歌,就好比如阿牛在《對面的女孩看過來》後,就沒有感人肺腑的《哭》了。

這一切的顧慮,在聽到《I NO》過後全然消失,而且更讓我確信我應該買他的新專輯聽聽整張專輯。


OK,老實說,專輯中沒有一首很突出的歌。《100種生活》有《早安!晨之美》的“對啊對啊”、有《好像要揮霍》的狂飆高音、有《100種生活》的新鮮懶散。這專輯中的前兩首主打歌《Oh yeah !!!》和《I NO》對我來說也只是ok好聽罷了。

但是!但是!整張專輯的概念勝過《100種生活》!從第一首歌到最後一首歌,都是講述著一名男子追求女生而慘敗的過程,就像看完《(500) Days of Summer》一樣的感覺。再加上盧廣仲本身的形象,給予了這專輯中的每一首歌曲很多有趣卻值得同情的畫面。

《Oh Yeah !!!》是這個故事的鋪陳。男生看到女生“有話想說,又不敢說”,但又因為自己“也有一點心動”,想像了是女生是在對自己表白。本來自己也想說有多喜歡對方,結果說出了自己喜歡“Rock N Roll”。歌曲的最後一次“Oh yeah!”有種“哎呀,我在想像甚麼嘛!”的感覺,而給了男生(和專輯中的其他曲目)推動力。


就在這裡,專輯進入了第一個非常棒的轉捩點:《I NO》。我想像著的畫面是這兩個人的第一次約會,但在《Oh yea !!!》的鋪陳後,我們在《I NO》中更能強烈感覺到男生有多麼渴望女生的愛,卻又因“不靈活的語言系統一直出錯”而表白不了整個復歌部分的情感,而最後的“I know”也成為了男生只能怪自己的無能所作出的唯一反應:“我自己的無能我知道啦!”這首歌簡直就是《開不了口》,卻比《開不了口》更多畫面,更含蓄委婉的說出男生心裡的話。

歌還存在著另一個巧妙的地方:歌名《I NO》代表了男生想像著女生在腦海裡有著一堆男生的名字,而在自己的名字旁打上一個大叉叉!“I”說明這是從男生的立場想像的,女生腦海裡是否存在這樣的一個名單,我們就不知道了。


《吉米寶貝》表面上是這個愛情故事的interlude,將故事焦點轉到一個小妹妹身上,但其實是男生想對自己的話,說給一個迷失了方向的小妹妹聽。“It is only in your dream, baby it’s only in your dream”,但在第二次復歌完時又很快地加上一句“Just don’t fall asleep”,也就是想要自己把這一切當成是夢,自己卻又知道這就是實在的事實(truth and reality),到歌的尾聲男生一直唱“only in your” 卻又像唱不出 “dream”。自己都無法說服自己了,幹嗎還去說服小妹妹啊!




很想借用《(500)Days of Summer》中的開場白:《七天》並不是一個愛情歌曲專輯,而是講述愛情的故事。